Professional bike fitting

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What we do

Neill’s bike fit service was established to present a professional alternative to the regimented, mass-produced bike fit services currently offered across the country. Too often these fits include static or dynamic measurements of knee angles, the famous “Knee Over Pedal Spindle” plumb line fit and other such ideas which seem to have no foundation whatsoever in human biomechanical function, and appear to have been ingrained into bike fitting culture merely through repetition. Neill is an experienced Physiotherapist with extensive experience in biomechanics, and he will customise each fit to your body. If you’re having pain from cycling or just want to go faster – this is the bike fit for you.

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    Our Philosophy
    of Position

    My bike fits are individualised.
    I don’t use “rules” because rules only tend to be OK for around 1/3 of the population...

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    Our guarantee

    Nobody is symmetrical, yet the bicycle is a perfectly symmetrical apparatus. It stands to reason that any on-bike instability...

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    Pricing &
    fit information

    A large portion of the cost is rebateable on your private health cover, which means you usually end up around $300-$400 out of pocket...

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    Some useful videos that show common bike fitting issues.

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What our clients say

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